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Welcome to the Annotated Bibliography of Christian Science website and search application.


This website provides a fully searchable and continually updated compendium of academic and other literature on Christian Science.

For many decades, scholars requested better access to academic literature on the Christian Science movement and its history. The nonprofit organization Scholarly Works on Christian Science, founded in 2021, has created this web application to meet that need.

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A Note from Dr. J. Gordon Melton 

Distinguished Professor of American Religious History of the Institute for Studies of Religion at Baylor University

Compilers Shirley Paulson, Helen Mathis, and Linda Bargmann burned a couple of years of their lives to do the homework for the next generation of scholars in their compilation of literature that has been written about Christian Science while annotating each item.

The three now leave us with no excuse to continue the neglect of the interesting and significant history of this new religion. Christian Science did what most new religions only hope for—it made a real impact on the world in which it was born.

And it’s all here at our fingertips. I can assure those who might wander into the field, there is more intriguing stuff to be discovered than you could ever want. With the publication of the Annotated Bibliography in electronic form, you will regularly get the newest updates, and as additional relevant items appear, they will be added.

What more can we ask of a bibliography?

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Dr. J. Gordon Melton

Introductions to research tools and occasional reflections by scholars. 

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The Book

An Annotated Bibliography of Academic and Other Literature on Christian Science

In 2021, the nonprofit Scholarly Works on Christian Science published the hardcopy annotated bibliography created by Shirley Paulson, Helen Mathis and Linda Bargmann.

Organized by topic, the literature reflects on Christian Science in light of the Bible, religion, philosophy, theology, feminist perspectives, cultural and social studies, spiritual healing, church polity and controversies. Perfect for university and personal libraries, even Christian Science Reading Rooms have purchased the book for reference.

While supplies last, the full 400-page book with 400+ annotations and cross references is now available for only $19.95. Shipping is an additional $4.00 per book, and tax is included in the price. Click the button below to order directly from us, and pay via PayPal.

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